A chalcedony stone, agate comes in various colors characterized by its translucent and banded surface. It occurs naturally across Brazil, Egypt, Nepal, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, and the USA and is one of the oldest known gemstones to man. Agate was first found in the island of Sicily where it was termed ‘Agate’ in greek meaning good. These multicolored stones have since been making their mark in various cultures, and civilizations all the way to the current gemstone markets.

Quality And Appearance

Agate is made of Silicon Dioxide and belongs to the quartz family of crystals. The palette of colors we see on agate stones are subject to the impurities present in the groundwater during its formation.

Agate Buying Guide: Although each agate stone is different from another due to their random patterns. Gempro experts believe, one should make sure the stone does not have any visible, cracks, and unusual discolorations. The surface should be reflective, translucent and smooth. The prices for agates depends on size, variety and color being natural or dyed. But they range from about.

Therapeutic Properties

Agate’s vibration frequency is relatively lower than other healing crystals. Due to which the nature of its properties are more inclined to a steady, slow and harmonious vibe. They radiate gentle yet stable energy that helps ground disturbances and bring their surroundings to peace. Different agates tap different Chakras, although all agates bring an overall balance to all your Chakras.

Gempro believes agates are an excellent stone for those who seek to balance the mind, body, and spirit and bring them all to peaceful harmony.

Expert Suggestion

Keeping an agate in your workplace is an excellent choice as it is known to improve your perception, analytical powers, and cognitive function overall.

Agates have a very soothing effect on the digestive system and relieve gastric issues when used as an elixir. Our healing experts suggest agates be worn as pendants so they lie close to your chest, strengthening your cardiac muscles.

Agates are also believed to reduce sleep disturbances and even alleviate fevers.

If jewelry is not your thing then you can use them in various other forms like cabochons, beads, sculptures, paperweights, and bookends etc..

Fashion Advice

Agates look elegant and classy as jewels hence they are a popular choice for beading and tumbled jewelry. Agate cabochons and beads are commonly seen turned into rings, earrings, and matching pendants. Agate bead bracelets worn in the right color adds a pops up your overall attire effortlessly. For a slightly more glamorous look, agate cuffs are an eye-catchy option.

Gempro fashion experts claim agates to be a gender-neutral gemstone and being harder than other gemstones they make a sturdy piece of adornment that can be worn every day.

Gempro Speaks

Agate is a very stabilizing gemstone that is highly recommended for those looking for a harmonious and balanced life. With the world getting faster day by day and the buzz of technology seeking our attention every moment we believe agate’s grounding powers are needed for one and all to stay calm and find one’s true self. Agates help you stay in touch with reality and prevent emotional disturbance .


Agates are responsible for the stone cutting and polishing industry that flourished in Germany between the 15th to 19th century. It thrives to date and is a world-renowned center that started off with agate processing.

Agate Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Quartz
  • Alternate Names: None
  • Colors: Variable
  • Hardness: 6
  • Month: June
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Element: Earth
  • Property: Balance and Stability


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