Aquamarine which can be translated as ‘’sea water’’, is an alluring gem, a variation of Beryl, with a blue or cyan shade. This gem is believed to be a source of protection against any form of danger while journeying on the sea. It is also said to depict faithfulness, courage, and friendship.

This gemstone can be found in deposits of Sri-Lanka, United States, Colombia, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya. There is the green-yellow colored variation called chrysolite aquamarine found in Brazil, as well as a deep-blue shaded version of the gem found in Madagascar, called Maxixe.

The best quality of Aquamarine has been found in the largest quantity so far in Brazil, and the mining continues to date. The aesthetic piece, embellished with impeccable beauty when polished, has sealed its place in the jewelry collection of luxury users

Quality And Appearance

The Aquamarine gemstone is one of the most popular and less pricey semi-precious stones out there, and the ease with which it is mined has ensured a widespread of it in the fashion world. This stone is adorned by most gemstone designers. A member of the beryl family, the stone derives its blue color from the iron element, which is the core of its chemical composition. Shiny, with hardness as one of its main properties, this stone is resistant to scratches.

Aquamarine Buying Guide: There is a lack of a standardized grading system for the purchase of Aquamarine in the world, but experts have a few guides on getting the best Aquamarine gem. One critical factor to consider is the color, of which; the stones with deep colors are the most valuable. The smaller the gemstone, the lighter the color, hence, the more difficult it is to exude a deep color. Smaller aquamarines of good quality are sold for prices in the range of $100 - $250 per carat. While larger aquamarines are about $300 - $600 per carat.

Also, when picking aquamarine, it is worthy to note that the clean stones without inclusions are the best. They possess brilliant transparency and clarity, with an astounding glitter.

Therapeutic Properties

The Aquamarine gemstone is one that signifies courage, and its calming energies helps significantly with a reduction in stress and in keeping a quiet mind. Highly sensitive persons are attracted to the gemstone, as it can cause bring about an increase in people tolerance, as well as overcoming judgmental personalities. The stone is also used in the clarification of people’s perception, a rapid sharpening of the intellects and to dispel confusion. It helps in whetting; intuitions and open clairvoyance. The perfect stone for meditation, with an efficient shielding of the aura and an alignment of the Chakras.

This stone is recommended for pregnant women, as well as those suffering from sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid dysfunctions.

Expert Suggestion

Aquamarines are your best bet if you are in search of gemstones to keep around you. These stones are superb when it comes to enjoying a great deal of courage, faithfulness and bring more persons into your circle.

Gempro is opined that with the right use of Aquamarine, you are in for your best times of improved intuition and better understanding. This would help you become more productive in your daily activities, and this is just right for your career reach.

Fashion Advice

With Aquamarine, you could have a perfect blend of your attire with the dreamy blue color of the gem. You could also perfect your visit to the beach with this gem, as well as stay elegant when you are on the move. This statement jewel can be your secret to ever-luxurious regalia to wherever you are going. Gempro fashion experts recommend this gem whenever you are going romantic, remember, it’s the colors of the sea, the blue sea. You can have it on rings, brooches, necklace, etc.

Gempro Speaks

You want a life full of courage, love, and companionship? then this is your right pick. The aura of energy that this piece exudes is all that you need to be happy.


The world’s largest cut aquamarine, named the Don Pedro, is now placed at the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian in Washington.

Aquamarine Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Beryl
  • Alternate Names: N/A
  • Colors: Blue
  • Hardness: 7.5
  • Month: March
  • Zodiac: Pieces
  • Element: Water
  • Property: Faith and Courage


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