Corals are quality gem, that are formed from the external skeleton of tiny sea animals called the coral polyp. The generational colonial growth of this creature is what results in a massive structure from coral as a gem is crafted. The coral formed from this animal can be in different shapes, however, the branched and treelike form of this coral is used in making the gem. This gemstone is unlike others which are inorganic, in that it is organic. There are various colors of the Coral, of which white is the most common. However, Red coral is the most used coral form, and it is otherwise known as ‘Precious Coral.’ Corals are mainly found in tropical or subtropical waters, and those regions include; Red Sea, Midway Islands, Canary Islands, Taiwan, Malaysian coast, Coast of Australia, Italy and Hawaii.

Quality And Appearance

There are variety of the coral gemstone, and of common use is the red coral, which is also known as the precious coral. However, the white coral is commonly found, and it possesses a great deal of luster and shine that makes people attracted to it. The red coral signifies ‘blood’, as it can easily have blood circulated in the human body.

Coral Buying Guide: The international Gem society has a price guideline for the various colors of the coral gem when it’s time to make your purchase. The most important factor to consider in the purchasing of coral is the color, as the prices vary on the color. The most valuable corals are those of red to pink shades. The deeper the red, the more it is prized. While, the other colors, as well as orange shades, experience a reduction in value. The coral gemstone has a price that ranges from about $8 to $72 per carat, which is a variable totally dependent on the quality.

Therapeutic Properties

Generally, Corals gems represent diplomacy and concurrence. It helps you in keeping your emotions quiet and it brings about peace within yourself. Corals connect with and activate your root Chakra. Intuitions are facilitated, as well as imagination and visualization. With coral, transfer of knowledge is made faster.

Also, Coral is of great benefit to the circulatory system, as well as the bones of the body. With corals, the bloods cells are nourished, and tissues are regenerated. This gemstone also helps in the treatment of spinal canal disorders, and the alimentary canal, the nervous system and the thalamus.

Other than the general functions by corals, different colors also have specific importance.

Expert Suggestion

If you are looking for a gemstone to help you build good friendships, as well as have a good rapport with the community, then this gemstone is all that you need. These are amazing stones that help you absorb bad energy, fills you with optimism and enthusiasm as you go around with activities. Gempro is of the opinion that with the Coral Gemstone, you can always enjoy and productive lifestyle.

Fashion Advice

Of all the Coral gems, the Red Coral is of uncommonly high quality, hence, it is mostly used in the fashion world. The characteristic gleam and color featured on this gem is what makes it of a more ranging use in fashion. This bright color, perfectly combined with a complimentary color, is a statement leaving attire. Gempro fashion experts recommend this gem whenever you are going bold and elegant. The bright red color is eye catching, like the color of blood.

Gempro Speaks

Are you in search of courage to take on friendships, foster a better relationship with the community, this this is your pick. This gem beams creativity and passion, these are very important cores of life.


Belief has it that throughout history, that Corals are attributed to positivity, as they are believed to protect the wielder from evil and enchantments, and they also cure madness. It was believed by the Romans that the red Mediterranean coral possessed some magical and medicinal property. The roman children also had the necklace on their necks, as it prevents them from danger and keeps them as healthy as they can get.

Coral Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Corallium Rubrum
  • Alternate Names: None
  • Colors: Black, Pink, Red, White, Blue
  • Hardness: 3 - 4
  • Month: May
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Pisces
  • Element: Water
  • Property: Passion, Love and Dignity


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