The most popular green stone on the planet, the emerald is known as the stone of successful love. It gets its name from the Greek word for a green stone. Found most commonly in Columbia, Russia, India, Zimbabwe, Africa, Egypt, Austria, and Brazil. Columbian emeralds are valued the highest as their quality is unparalleled. Their lovely green luster makes emerald an all-time favorite for jewelers and wearers alike. Emeralds have been associated with Mercury, a messenger of the Gods and travel. Hence, giving it an additional attribute of being the travelers stone for protection.

Quality And Appearance

Emeralds are Beryl minerals made composed of Be3Al2(SiO3)6. Emeralds get their striking green color due to the presence of chromium in them. Sometimes emeralds are found in yellowish green color as well due to traces of iron in them.

Emerald buying guide: Deeper the green, higher the quality of emerald. Look for distinct tinges of green ranging from bluish to slightly yellowish with a bright and clear shine. The price for emeralds ranges from $15 to $600 per carat depending on their clarity cut and color.

Therapeutic Properties

Emerald is closely associated with success and love. It connects and activates your heart chakra, leading to a healing effect on your emotions. It attracts love, unity, friendship in your life. Gempro believes prolonged use of emeralds enhances your psychic abilities, expands your vision and enables you to use greater focus mental capacity in all your endeavors. These green stones are powerful stress relievers and those you who are undergoing difficulties can harness its energies and find a sense of calm again in life. Wearing an emerald is good for your heart, lungs, spine and entire muscular system.

Expert Suggestion

Emeralds will soothe and calm your emotions while bringing positivity into your life. Gempro experts suggest mediating with an emerald daily for those living a stressful life to ward of negativities, stress, and grief. Keep an emerald in your room and it will slowly fill your life with love and spark that is much needed for everyone today in this fast-paced world. If you think you need a more loving relationship with your family and friends, then gift an emerald stone to them and watch it bring you both closer.

Fashion Advice

Emerald is comparatively a fragile stone and not something suitable for daily rough use like agates. Gempro fashion experts suggest using emeralds in the form of rings, and statement jewelry that you would put on during occasions and not as daily wear. Their striking green color makes them a wonderful choice for pendants rings and bracelets that bring out your inner strength and perk up any attire. Since they are not available in a variety of colors, emeralds don’t go with a wide range of colors. It is best to wear them as stand out pieces and flaunt their bright luster.

Gempro Speaks

Although known commonly as a wealth stone, emeralds are hardly just that! The strong and positive energies of an emerald make them an all round stone that helps your not just achieve, but find content, love and peace as well. Open your heart to emerald and it will fill it with love, spirit, and abundance.


When heated an emerald will actually expel water as if sweating. This phenomenon has been recorded in ancient legends and quite spectacular to watch.

Specifications of emeralds

  • Species: Beryl
  • Colors: Green, yellowish green, bluish green
  • Alternate Name: Emerald
  • Hardness:7.5 - 8
  • Month: May
  • Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini
  • Element: Earth
  • Property: Money, Protection, Love


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