Hematite is a powerful dark stones widely used for its positive energy and stunning looks. Hematites exhibit dark red to brown color due to their high iron content. These stones occur from the iron ores, be it deposits of sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic or even lava from all around the world, although they are predominantly found in South Africa. Its name originates from ancient Greek mythology where this stone was linked with a mixture of water and powdered Hematite which was eventually named as “haima” signifying blood in Latin due its red color, and hence developed the name “Blood stone”.

Quality And Appearance

From brownish red when found naturally to blood red when observed in the form of crystals to black or steel gray when refined, these stones exhibit differing colors in accordance with their level of treatment. However these stones are typically traded as jewelry when displaying their silver glossy color. They carry a strong metallic luster and opaqueness in terms of transparency, while ranging from 5-6 in the mohr hardness scale.

Hematite Buying Guide: One of the primary things that you should be considerate about while shopping for these stones is whether these stones claim to be magnetic or are said to hold any kind of healing properties due to their magnetic content, as true hematite stones don’t posses any magnetism. Furthermore, these stones are quite affordable, where a fairly considerable amount crafted say as chains or earrings weighing around 2-6-ctw can be bought at the rate of 1USD per carat. The cost of craftsmanship and luster is what constitutes the prime cost in buying these gemstones with exception to situations where raw hematite stones displaying distinctive formations can attract a higher price.

Therapeutic Properties

The metallic lustrous beauty of the hematite and its relation with the obtaining of steel is said to be the reason behind its ability to provide mental peace and positivity to its wearers. It is also believed to aid in the cure of different health related issues like neural disorders, insomnia, cramps by cleansing the blood and improving the blood circulation.

Expert Suggestion

Hematite stands out to be a popular choice when shopping for jewelry as they are inexpensive as compared to the other gemstones while granting the wearer the ability to radiate positive energy within oneself and to stay grounded to the earth. As these stones facilitate easy carving and faceting it is most commonly set in earrings, rings, or even bracelets. Gempro suggests this stone for those who wish to opt for the safer and neutral option in terms of jewelry as these stones entail a similar fashion statement for both men and women due to their sheen gray color.

Fashion Advice

Hematites can be easily cut in different shapes and is typically seen to be worn while being set in beads, earrings, necklaces etc after having been tumbled and polished although quite rarely it is also used in its whole raw form in jewelry making. Gempro highly recommends the adornment of these stones due to its lustrous property, light weight and affordable price. Moreover, they can be very effortlessly paired with almost all types of colors and styles of outfits be it pairing it with an elegant wear or even for the day to day casual wear for men and women both.

Gempro Speaks

Looking for ways to help you stay grounded and focused? If yes, then Hematite would be the right selection that you’ll make as it would enable you to not only gain steadiness and positivity, physically and mentally but also let you feel refined for life.


Hematites gained their popularity during the Victorian age as being perceived as the “Mourning jewelry” due to their extensive use by the women while mourning, while also during the ancient times it was carried by the warriors in Babylon for gaining additional strength against the enemies.

Hematite Gemstone Specifications

  • Mineral: Iron (III) oxide
  • Alternate names: Haematite
  • Colors: Brownish Red, Blood Red and Steel Grey
  • Hardness: 5-6.5
  • Month: February, March
  • Zodiac: Aquarius, Aries
  • Element: Iron
  • Property: Focus, Strength and Harmony


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