Lapis Lazuli


Hello my gemstone seeker!! Lapis Lazuli, interesting name huh?? Then let’s talk about the name first, Lapis comes from Latin and stands for stone. Lazuli is a Persian term for blue, and that’s how it becomes the blue stone… just perfect because this is one such blue which can turn your blues into a sunshine…


    Lapiz lazuli has been an admired gemstone for a long time now. It was first found in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan around 7000 BC. Evidences for its use in the form of beads, jewelry and sculptures are found from Neolithic archeological sites dating back to 3000 BC. In ancient time it was highly appreciated for its striking blue color which made an expensive and everlasting ultramarine dye used for dying robes of Kings and Queens. The unique golden casket of King Tutenkhamen was splendidly veneered with Lapis lazuli. In Egyptian culture Lapis Lazuli has been highly valued. In their dried barren deserts lapis lazuli gave them spiritual contrast of fine blue. The renowned painter Michelangelo loved lapis lazuli for its ultramarine tone as a primary color in all his artwork.

    Appearance and Occurrence

    Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock composed of many minerals in different combinations and that gives the range of colors from a faded rigged denim to a brilliant flower of delphinium. Presence of at least 25% lazurite in Lapis Lazuli makes it beautifully blue. Traces of calcite gives those white veins or starry night look to this amazing rock. Specks of pyrite makes it look golden in places and improvises its appearance. 
    Afghanistan has been the biggest provider of Lapis Lazuli in the world for some thousands of years. Argentina, Russia, Canada, Chille and Pakistan also have reserves of this wonderful rock. Small amounts of Lapis lazuli is also found in Colorado, California and Arizona in USA.


    Buying Guide

    Gempro experts suggest that the best lapis lazuli will have an intense blue color, may be lightly dusted with specks of golden pyrite and will be opaque in appearance. Find one with no white calcite veins visible to the naked eye.

    The presence of more pyrite or calcite actually discolors the edges of the stone. A lower grade lapis lazuli will look like a faded denim with higher concentration of pyrites or calcites or both .A perfect blue with slightest presence of fine dust like presence of pyrite or calcite must be your pick. Although it’s an inexpensive stone but the real fine one is still rare. Low grade lapis lazuli can be available for $1 per carat and finer ones will be in the range of $100-150 per carat.

    Healing Properties

    Lapis lazuli activates the third eye or the Brow chakra and stabilizes the energies of Throat chakra. It increases the focus and helps one to connect to their spiritual self. Its starry night appearance makes it very popular among crystal healers as it connects them to the energy of the universe. Since lapis lazuli has wonderful effects on the Throat chakra, it’s very effective in regulating thyroid and other endocrine glands. Lapis Lazuli has been one of the oldest spiritual stones used by human race across different cultures and geographies. It was used by healers, pastors and royalty for supremacy, prudence, and to kindle psychic talents and self awareness.




    Fashion Advice

    If you are like me who loves to wear a casual look also in a grand way, Lapis Lazuli is your liberator. It gives a fantastic enhancement to your jeans and white shirt look. If bracelets are your favorite accessary faceted lapis lazuli will look just awesome in a multiroll armband. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lawrence are huge fans of this amazing piece of nature’s artwork and they love adorning it in their jewelry. Its deep blue color not only enhances your spiritual awareness but also magnifies your personality in a remarkable way. You can also wear it in the form of a large cabochon in a neckpiece with your strapless dress and steal the show. So my fair lady, if you don’t have a lovely lapis lazuli in your collection yet, it’s time to add one… Have happy blues….

    Gempro Speaks

    Since Lapis lazuli stimulates the Throat Chakra, it’s a great stone to help you in being a great communicator. You can wear it in the form of a jewelry or can keep it as a tumbled stone with you. You can keep a healing tree of Lapis Lazuli at your workplace as it will boost your creativity. A large sphere of this amazing stone will just radiate the place with a lot of positive energy.

         Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Specifications

    • Species: Quartz
    • Alternate Names: Opaque Gem
    • Colors: Blue
    • Hardness: 5 to  5.5
    • Month: December
    • Zodiac: Pieces
    • Element: Lazurite
    • Property: Inner truth, qualities of honesty


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