Lava Beads is also known as Basalt, and it is a magnificent piece that exudes the aura of beauty, even with its dark shade. This beautiful piece of gem is made from igneous rocks that have been solidified from molten lava, having being subjected to intense pressure and temperature.

Basalt as a piece is found in large quantities on the ocean floor, and above sea level, they are mainly found around hotspot islands and around volcanic arcs. The largest deposits of Basalt on land is referred to as the continental flood basalts, and this is found in some countries, including; India, Britain, Columbia, Canada, Brazil, Russia and South Africa.

Quality And Appearance

The Lava Beads are an interesting piece that have taken a place in the heart of jewelers in recent times. They have an irregular shape, while their texture is sponge-like. This design of theirs stand out from what is mostly observed in the jewelry world. They might seem heavy when viewed, but it is exhilarating to know that they are very light, and are very comfortable to wear. They mostly appear in black and gray colors, however, they can be dyed to whatever color Lava Beads buying guide: There are no rules to how you should buy your lava beads. However, there are some few things you should note about the lava beads before you buy them. You should duly consider what type of jewelry you are going to be making with them. Also, the beads to buy are the ones with an edgy and quirky look and feel to them. The genuine ones are those with a very dark shade, as they can be used in avant-garde, gothic and steampunk styles of jewelries. The purple lava rock beads are very versatile, and can be seamlessly blended into whatever style. Lava Beads have a price that ranges between $5 and $15.

Therapeutic Properties

The beads from lava stone don’t look much like a gem that can have healing effects on a person, but they surprisingly do. This is all thanks to the energetic aura that results from its origin. The lava beads are amazing when it comes to calming emotions. This stone exudes a raw energy, which makes it just perfect to be referred to as a stone of rebirth and the exfoliation of irrelevant emotional attachment layers. The beads do an astounding job when it comes to the stabilization and the grounding of the chakra root. This is achieved as a result of the stone’s firm connection with the earth. In tales, it is usually used by soldiers to calm their nerves during a battle.

Expert Suggestion

Lava beads are your best shot if you are looking to be an epitome of beauty, with the perfect gem on your neck. You attain this look, without feeling buried under a weight on your neck. This beads are incredibly light. And when it comes to offering strength and courage, the lava beads come second to none. At Gempro, we believe that with this gem, your creativity is enhanced, you get to communicate effectively and all negativeness are cleansed.

Fashion Advice

Gempro Speaks

This is the best pick for you, if you are in search of a necklace to calm you, while giving you strength and courage. You can’t just underestimate the aura of energy that beams from this gem.


Different tales being told have it that when it was time for an intense war or battle, soldier always had the lava stones with them, as it helps them calm down. They also receive the strength and courage needed to carry on in battle. It is very light to carry, so they don’t even feel that it is there. It is for these reasons that they have become a statement in the world of gems.

Lava Stones Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Basalt
  • Alternate Names: Basalt beads
  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Hardness: 3 – 3.5
  • Month: February
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer
  • Element: Fire and earth
  • Property: Calmness, Strength, Courage


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