Jasper is an opaque gem, which comes in a variety of colors that are dependent on the type of mineral contents in the original sediments. In the case of red jasper, it is due to the presence of admixed hematite. This gem is said to depict confidence, stability and uplift. Gemstones of jasper are found all over the world, in various locations such as India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil and the United States. Jasper is made use of, all over the world, and this has made the gem sacred. Jasper is basically an impure silicon dioxide, which has unique patterns which are formed during the mineral consolidation that bring about this various types of stones. This gem is a microcrystalline of quartz.

Quality And Appearance

Jasper is a mineral which remains an aggregate of micro-granular quartz. The mineral is opaque and an impure variety of silica. There are different colors to the mineral, which includes red, yellow, brown or green. On rare occasions, there can be the blue color. The various colors of the Jasper are based on the color of mineral that existed in the original mineral of the jasper. And in this case, the mineral is red.

Red Jasper Buying Guide: :The color of this type of jasper and the vibrancy it exudes makes it the most valuable jasper variety in existence. It is used extensively in more rewarding situations than other forms of jasper, and this caused a hike of its value as compared to other jasper gems. Red jasper is valued at a range of between $2 - $5 per carat.

Therapeutic Properties

The red jasper is one that aids in stimulation and is extremely protective of the owner. This stone is known to aid in the neutralization of radiations and other forms of electromagnetic pollutants, as well as other pollutants of the environment. This gem can help in rectifying unjust situations as well as the grounding of energy. With this stone, various problems are brought to light, thereby affording the user an insight into difficult situations. In simple terms, this gem can be referred to as an excellent worry bead. With this gem, emotions are calmed, and it can also help in recalling of dreams. This gem also helps in cleansing and stabilizing the aura. This stone also serves as the stone of health, as it can help in the detoxification of the circulatory system, as well as the blood and the liver.

Expert Suggestion

Red jasper is the stone to keep around, if you are looking towards enjoying purity and clarity. This stones are very effective when it comes to helping you with insights as well as clarifying issues of the mind. These stones get rid of worry Gempro would say, with the use of this stone, your calmness even in the midst of stormy situations is improved by the presence of this stone. We recommend placing them at your workplace or bedroom to achieve calm and clear state of mind.

Fashion Advice

Red jasper has long been used for men’s fashion, but the women folk also love it. to make a killer combination, a dazzling mix could result from red jasper coupled with round silver beads spaced in between them. Complementary colored jewelry can also be made by combining the dark brick red of this jasper with inundated green stones, example of which is emerald. In case this looks much like a combination for festivities, the red gem can also be combined with purple and blue colors. This would bring about the use of amethyst and lapis lazuli.

Gempro Speaks

The use of Red Jasper brings about a whole package, talk of; relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, consolation, tranquility, healing and completion.


According to tales and folklores, the magic sword of Siegfried the dragon slayer was enameled with this gemstone. It is believed by the Egyptians that the stone has links to Isis, and was crafted into amulets for dead men. There is another school of thought that the adornment on the breastplate of Aaron was actually red jasper, not ruby.

Specifications for Red Jasper

  • Species: Quartz
  • Alternate Names: Supreme Nurturer
  • Colors: Brick Red
  • Hardness: 6.5 - 7
  • Month: March
  • Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio
  • Element: Fire
  • Property: Confidence, Stability, Uplifting


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