Rose quartz also known as the heart stone and hence been used in rituals of love and ceremonies. If you can relate to being hopelessly romantic, then rose quartz are just the right choice for you. Rose Quartz are found in mines across Brazil, Madagascar, India and South Africa. Rose quartz beads has been used by Romans, Assyrians as jewelry back in their era. As a talisman it was more prominently used by the Egyptians. Ancient egyptians also believed that rose quartz could prevent wrinkles and slow down ageing.

Quality And Appearance

Rose quartz is made up of Silicon Dioxide and the pinkish tinge is due to inclusions of iron and titanium. A typical quartz has a very pleasant pale pink to rose red hue to it. Rose quartz are translucent to opaque.

Rose Quartz Buying guide: Rose quartz is relatively a common gemstone hence not very costly. The price ranges from as low as $2.25 upto $250 per carat based on the size and deepness of color.

Therapeutic Properties

Known as the stone of unconditional love rose quartz connects directly to the heart chakra. This lovely rock paves way in your heart to receive and give unconditional love, for self, for family and friends and for your spouse. As it belongs to the quartz family it has relatively high energy levels, although it is still counted as a soothing and calming stones. Rose quartz are your best bet if you are looking for love compassion and romance. Rose Quartz brings a sense of calm and harmony during times of increased stress or crisis. Rose Quartz in your heart wards of negative feelings and makes way for feelings of love and compassion.

Expert Suggestion

Quartz is a classic stone in matters of love. Gempro experts suggest placing one on your bedside table, and watch it attract more and more love and romance into your relationship. Rose quartz summons, trust, affection and longing for each other. Moreover, if you are trying to cope with a breakup, then definitely place a stone in your room and it will not just heal your heart but also bring new love in your life. It will help you heal your broken heart, soothe your soul and help express your grief with someone you confide. Rose quartz is believed to heal conditions of the thymus, heart and lungs.

Fashion Advice

Rose quartz are an excellent choice to wear with subtle and casual attires. Its pleasant pink peach colors brings out your soft and gentle personality. Gempro experts recommend rose quartz as a very suitable summer fashion accessory. Their peachy pink tones compliment warm colored gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

Gempro Speaks

Rose quartz radiates soothing energies of empathy, compassion love and forgiveness. It lowers your stress levels and opens your heart to unconditional love. It helps get rid of anger, negativity and emotions that drag you down. Bring rose quartz, bring love into your life.


Rose quartz was once a very rare gem. The first rose quartz found were in fact dismissed as fake and mineralogists didn't recognize them as genuine gemstones. It after a few years of further mining that rose quartz were them recognized as a type of quartz.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Quartz family
  • Alternate Names: None
  • Colors: Pale Pinks to deep Lavenders Orchids
  • Hardness: 7
  • Month: January
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Element: Earth,water
  • Property: Love and Compassion


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