Known for its bright red color, this is one of the most popular and gemstones due to its bright hue. Ruby is the red variety of the mineral, Corundum. Historically, rubies have been mined in Thailand, Cambodia, as well as in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Japan, and Scotland. Records suggest that rubies were traded along China’s North Silk Road even back in 200 B.C. The stone was believed to offer protection and, therefore, was especially valuable.

Quality And Appearance

A ruby varies in color from pink to deep red. This depends on the amount of corundum (aluminum oxide) that is present in the stone itself. The color of a ruby is due to the element, chromium. The color of the ruby is accompanied by a marked fluorescence, which is stimulated by natural and artificial light. It is well-known for its high shine under most types of light. The quality of a ruby is determined by its color, cut, and clarity.

Ruby Buying Guide: Since large, fine quality rubies are nearly impossible to find, the prices can range drastically. For rubies that are under 1 carat, the price ranges from $1,000-$3 000 each. For stones that are above 1 carat, the prices range from $100 to $15 000 each. The price widely is determined on the quality of the stone as well as the clarity. Finding large rubies with ultimate clarity is next to impossible.

Therapeutic Properties

One of the biggest therapeutic qualities of a ruby is thought to be its ability to help people enjoying their presence in the physical world. This includes the stimulation of the heart and blood flow, which provides comfort and vibrancy in your physical life. In terms of mental and spiritual health, the ruby offers concentration and mental clarity. It also helps bring confidence and support to those doing a hard task. It will help the you get to their achievement easier as well.

Expert Suggestion

A ruby is a great protector against frightful dreams, unwanted lust and even resolve conflicts before they can happen. A ruby also can help you when used in meditation as well. It will help the wearer to find clarity and willpower even in situations where both are difficult to find. The wearer can find a way to show their talent to the world around them.

Fashion Advice

You can wear rubies in all sorts of pieces including bracelets, rings, earrings and more. The stone contrasts beautifully with other stones and dark fashion for a popped effect. Gempro fashion experts suggest for a romantic date cocktail party if you want to bring the limelight on you.

Gempro Speaks

Thought to be a symbol of the sun, a Gempro ruby brings strength and energy as well as radiance to the wearer who is looking bot it. It's resilient and strong so that it provides many benefits to the wearer for a long time.


More valuable than a diamond due to its historic connection to virtue and innocence, an emperor, Kublai Khan, once sold an entire city for a ruby that was considered sizeable. This speaks to the true power and worth of a quality ruby even back in historical times.

Ruby Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Corundum
  • Alternate Names:N/A
  • Colors: Pink-blood Red
  • Hardness: 9
  • Month: N/A
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Element: Sun/Fire
  • Property: Power, Self-confidence, Love


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