A rich deep blue, sodalite is found in Canada, the US, South America (including Brazil and Bolivia), Portugal, Romania, Burma and Russia. Discovered for the first time back in the early 1800s, it was thought to be a popular trading material amongst the people or Caral.

Quality And Appearance

The look of sodalite varies, but often is seen in blue to blue-violet, though it can often be found in brown, yellow, green or pink. Often veined or mottled, the transparency often differs as well. The smaller the gem, the more transparent they are.

Sodalite Buying Guide: The price is unknown in terms of sodalite. While it varies depending on transparency, clarity and the appearance or veins or mottling, the actual unit price is unknown at this time. It is popular in different deposits, but since the quality and clarity vary so much between its different appearances, the price is hard to determine. Mostly blue pieces are used in jewelry since they're thought of as being the most cosmetic.

Therapeutic Properties

There are a lot of therapeutic properties with sodalite. It is a wisdom stone that will help boost confidence courage and even concentration. It can also clear the mind and heart of negative thoughts and/or emotions as well. Sodalite can have positive impacts on the thyroid, the lymph system, and the immune system as well. The sodalite can also help strengthen the third eye, which is where we turn for aid with our consciousness and our relationship with ourselves. When we need guidance and clarity in this area, sodalite is one of the best gems to bring it out. It also has positive effects with the throat chakra. When someone is struggling to express their wants or needs, this stone can help them find the words to say what they need to.

Expert Suggestion

When you feel as though you are struggling with pollution from electric sources, sodalite can help block the source. This makes it great for a workplace where there is a lot of computer work and other electric-based work. The stone can also have positive effects with a lot of womanly needs, including PMS. It is often thought that sodalite will help specifically with traveling and flying as well. It depends on the need of the person, but it does offer comfort in its calmness as well as jet lag. It can be used in meditation for the clearing of the mind.

Fashion Advice

Affordable, sodalite can be enjoyed in rings or bracelets, though scratching will quickly show up on its face. To avoid scratching, earrings and pendants are the best options to keep the stone flawless.

Gempro Speaks

When needed relief from overworked and stressed glands, Gempro believes Sodalite is the best option for comfort. It can help us to remain calm and centered when there is chaos going on in life. It's popular for perseverance and strength during hard times.


Gaining its popularity during the 1800s when Princess Margaret visited Canada, the mineral was so loved that it was used to decorate the Marlborough House. Often, the area the stone came from is called “Princess Blue”.

Sodalite Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Feldspathoids
  • Colors: Blue to Violet-Blue with White veining. Also Gray, White, Green, Colorless, Yellow, Red.
  • Alternate Names: N/A
  • Hardness: 5.5-6
  • Month: N/A
  • Zodiac: Sagittarious
  • Element: Water
  • Property: Intuition, Harmony, Self-Esteem


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