This is a seemingly crude but priceless gem which when stared at from a particular direction seems to exhibit a spangled appearance. It is a member of the family of minerals referred to as the feldspar. It warms up the chakras and gives of a gorgeous sun-kissed glow in the middle of winter. This stone only came to limelight of recent. It occurs in large quantity in Norway, and it can also be found in Lake Baikal in Siberia, and some areas in the United States, including; Middletown township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Plush, Oregon and Statesville. Sunstone also has a variant called the ‘’Orthoclase sunstone’’ which is found in some places in New York, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Amelia Courthouse, Amelia County and Virginia.

Quality And Appearance

The sunstone is an alluring gem which gives of a bright and cheery glow, which comes along with a great deal of good vibe. It is the perfect sunblock that protects a sensitive spirit from the toxicity of the world. The sunstone has an optical effect which is due to the presence of red copper in the form of inclusions. Theses inclusions are minute scale-like particles which can be hexagonal, rhombic or irregular in shape. The inclusions make it look as though it is aventurine. This is one reason why sunstone is also referred to as Aventurine feldspar. The middle part of the sunstone sparkles. Its middle part is always the darkest portion, while the color becomes lighter towards the fringe.

Sunstone Buying Guide: n buying sunstone crystal, just as it is with other gems, the cut and overall beauty are to be carefully considered. Two factors that affect the value of Sunstone in particular are color type and color purity. Other factors also include clarity, carat weight, cut quality. All these culminate in a value in the range of $8 - $4500 per carat.

Therapeutic Properties

Sunstone is one of such gems that is linked to luck and good fortune. This stone is effective in clearing and energizing the sacral chakra solar plexus. It instills good nature, it improves your intuition and allow your real self to shine in glee. This stone rids you of fear, takes away your stress and increases your vitality. With this stone, independence and originality is encouraged. This stone is particularly helpful to those that find it difficult to say ‘’no’’ to others. The stone facilitates self-empowerment and independence. It can also act as an antidepressant. It also improves a person’s self-worth and confidence. Optimism and enthusiasm are other factors that are encouraged by this gem. In a person, it also stimulates self-healing. This stone is also recommended to treat sore throats, reduction of tension in the stomach and can also help in relieving ulcer.

Expert Suggestion

These are the best stones you can have around you. It exudes aura of effervescence, sensuality and creativity. Gempro is of the opinion that by making extensive use of this stone, you are in for your best moments of sexual activity, and overall performance.

Fashion Advice

Sunstone is recommended at various difficult times of your life and is believed to be a powerful protector as well as a reinforcer.

This gem has successfully graced the fashion world, with its thoughtful usage in the making of earrings, bracelet and other accessories. You can adorn your wear of complementary colors with this gem, as well as attires with nude colors. Gempro fashion expert recommend the use of this gem when you are going sensual, the seductress got you.

Gempro Speaks

According to legends, it is believed that the blood of a great warrior wounded by an arrow had dropped on the piece of the sunstone. This blood of the warrior had carried the spirit of the warrior into the stone. This had caused them to have shades of red, hence, giving them some sacred power. The uniqueness of this gem has made it a subject of replication, hence, in purchase there is the need to be extra careful.

Sunstone Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Feldspar
  • Colors: Colorless, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Copper Shiller
  • Alternate Names: Aventurine feldspar
  • Hardness: 6 – 6.5
  • Month: October/November
  • Zodiac: Leo, Libra
  • Element: Fire, Air
  • Property: Effervescence, Sensuality, Creativity


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