Found solely in Tanzania, it was discovered recently, according to the general timeline, in the late 1960s. A deep, clear blue, it's distinct from a lot of stones in its simplicity and clarity. It's often found in small deposits, so it is considered to be even rarer than most gemstones due to this fact in particular. Made from calcium and aluminum, the right pressure and temperature all play a role in its careful design, so large stones themselves are thought-of to be very rare.

Quality And Appearance

The appearance of tanzanite varies depending on its light but often appears dark blue or violet with the two often blending together to the eye. The clarity tends to vary depending on the size. The clarity also weakens the stone, so the clearer the stone is, the more than can be done with it. The smaller the stone, the paler the color. As such, larger stones are even more valuable.

Tanzanite Buying Guide: Since the kind of lighting can determine the look of tanzanite, it's thought that the deeper the color, the more valuable it is. The clarity also plays a role in how clear and distinct the color is. For top quality tanzanite (AAA), you'll often be paying $300 per carat, minimum. It is often thought to be a good investment choice, too, in terms of its rarity and constant evolution in worth.

Therapeutic Properties

Tanzanite has a powerful connection to psychic abilities. It can also help with healing in terms of an emotional and spiritual sense. Physically, tanzanite will help strengthen the immune system and detoxify the blood. It is thought to help bring people out of comas and other states as well. Spiritually, tanzanite works with the throat chakra. For those of you who struggle to hear what their other chakras are saying, its power could make those voices louder.

Expert Suggestion

Since tanzanite has calming and soothing traits, it's great for stimulating conversation and communication as well as offering serenity and calmness to a person's aura. This makes it a popular stone to use in your workplace or for use in meditation. Clarity and strength are felt across many realms in this way in particular, even where other stones fall short.

Fashion Advice

Rare and sparkling, the best way to show tanzanite off is in earrings or a pendant. However, if worn in a ring, it should be a low setting to keep it safe. Its bright blue color will not only bring your intelligence and wisdom but also pump up your style quotient immediately.

Gempro Speaks

Due to being a pleochroic gem, a tanzanite looks different depending on how you look at it. This is what makes it so magical. Since the gem is so new, there isn't much known about its long-term worth or value. The fun flair of the color changing also makes it great for young ladies to wear. It's fresh, unique, bright and full of positivity.

Tanzanite Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Zoisite
  • Colors: Blue or Purple. Can sometimes be Brown, Pink or Green.
  • Alternate Names: N/A
  • Hardness: 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale
  • Month: December (assumed)
  • Zodiac: N/A
  • Element: N/A
  • Property: Elegance, Confidence, Individuality


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