The brownstone with golden stripes, ’Tigers eye’ most commonly known due to its resemblance with the eye of the tiger belongs to the quartz stone category with inclusions of distinct minerals. These stones are predominantly found in South Africa, while also ranging in countries like India , Brazil, Burma, USA, and Western Australia.

Quality And Appearance

The tiger's eye gemstone is a variation of the chatoyant gemstones and is customarily cut or shaped similar to the cabochon types of stones displaying its chatoyant feature. These stones are famous for their vivid golden and brown color due to them being perceived as the pseudo morph of the quartz category of stones. Where any mineral that converts itself from one mineral to the other can be regarded as a pseudomorph. A stone with a darker shade of brown indicates the presence of a higher level of iron oxide and alternatively, the stones containing less iron oxide comes in blue or golden color. Durability and color are the two elements that distinguish these from amongst the vast variety of gemstones available today. Where, in general, the durability of the stones varies from 6.5 up till 7.0 based on which they can be differentiated on being real or fake.

Therapeutic Properties

According to popular beliefs, the tiger’s eye stone is said to radiate positive energy and creativity as it holds the combined energy of the Earth and the sun. Known for its multiple powers, it helps you feel more grounded and centered thereby enabling you to gain new and sound outlooks in different situations. Be it looking at an altogether different angle to a certain situation, or deriving an answer to a problem through an innovative method, this stone lets you overcome your self-set limits and discover your inner potential. Pie bee believes that adorning this stone will truly let you shine your future by adding increased clarity and confidence to your everyday life.

Expert Suggestion

Being regarded as the stone of fortune and practicality, the tigers eye is most commonly seen to be used as a 'support stone' which can help you to gain insight and increase luck for any occasion. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting up with your business, or a student who’s about to face an exam or trying to soothe down discords between families, the tiger's eye is known to assist in all types of situations. Gempro experts also suggest the use of these stones by professional meditators as it serves as an excellent talisman.

Fashion Advice

These gemstones are mostly worn as ring stones and are most excessively used in men’s rings and cufflinks. Also, they are very commonly shaped and worn as cabochons and beads. Alternatively, you can also accessorize these as earrings, pins, pendants and in many other styles of jewelry.

Gempro Speaks

A distinctive gemstone with its captivating Golden ray and chatoyant layers that come out as bright beams of light radiating optimism and power, Tigers eye, is one such gemstone that Pie bee supremely suggests for those who are seeking to adorn jewelry that offers good luck and clarity.


Tigers eye considered as the “all seeing and all knowing eye”, was extensively used by the Egyptians for the creation of their idol's eyes as it is believed that this stone holds the power of the sun (known as Ra in Egyptian mythology) and the fertile land.



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