Topaz is a translucent to transparent semi precious stone popularly known for its blue lustrous brilliance. Discovered more than two thousands years ago Topaz gets its name the greek word ‘topazion’. Topaz is widely found in all continents, with Northern Ireland and U.K being the source of the classic light-blue topaz. Topaz has been widely used among Egyptians and Greeks attributing itself to various mythical stories and beliefs.

Quality And Appearance

Topaz is made of aluminium silicate fluoride hydroxide and is a relatively sturdy and hard stone. Most abundantly found Topaz are colorless, with blue and green being second most abundantly found. Topaz is however found in a variety of colors ranging from, sherry brown, pink, to yellow, with the ‘imperial topaz’ being the most expensive.

Topaz buying guide: Gempro advices buying topaz by their size and not carat weight, since colored stones do not remain consistent in the size-weight ratio. Based on color and weight the price ranges from $20 to $40 per carat.

Therapeutic Properties

Topaz has multiple healing properties and is regarded as highly when it comes to therapeutic crystals. It connects to your crown chakra and hence, is an ideal choice for mediation.

Gempro believes Topaz can be used to clarify the mind, ward off stress and negativity, and summon prosperity and abundance in your life.

Expert Suggestion

Topaz does all with its gentle yet powerful vibes. Enhances what is desirable and repels what you do not require. It promotes self-control and problem solving abilities. Gempro experts suggest topaz as an enhancement stone for creative artists and entrepreneurs who want to achieve their full potential give it all they got. Topaz is excellent if you want your loved one to acquire more wealth and luxury. Another out of the box option is to give a loved one a topaz amulet, and it will keep them safe and ward off envy, evil and negative vibes from around them.

Fashion Advice

Topaz is a versatile stone when it comes to its re purposing. It could be cast into rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more. If you are using topaz rings make sure they are set into a protective metal since they are prone to cracks on impact, just like diamonds.

Topaz is resistant to scratches and breakage and can be used as a centerpiece for large ornaments as well. Due to their variety in color, it is entirely up to you how you pair them with your attire. Whatever may be your taste or the occasion as topaz is almost always suitable.

Gempro Speaks

Topaz will amplify the energy it encounters and hence, care must be taken on how you use it. It elevates your ability to love and receive, to heal and manifest, to create and focus. If you are someone who likes to pave their own path, then topaz is an ideal companion.


The largest faceted gemstone in the world is the very famous yellow colored “el-Dorado topaz” weighing 6.3 kg and it was measured to be 31,000 carats and was found in the mines of Brazil.

Topaz Gemstone Specifications

  • Species: Topaz
  • Alternate Names: None
  • Colors: Yellow, blue, colorless, pink
  • Hardness: 8
  • Month: November and December
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Element: Air
  • Property: Healing and Abundance


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